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There’s a misconception in the nutrition and fitness world that you need to eat meat to build muscle, but this is far from true. You can still build muscle and reap the benefits of strength training if you’re vegetarian or vegan.

While plant protein has less of an anabolic effect9 than animal protein on average, all plants contain amino acids and are beneficial for muscle growth. Plus, plant protein sources contain other essential nutrients, such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals, that are excellent for overall health and support muscle growth.

“Vegans and vegetarians can meet protein goals by eating plants alone,” says Palinski-Wade. “However, because plants often contain less protein than animal sources, it’s important to balance a vegetarian diet to ensure adequate protein is consumed. Beans, legumes, quinoa, nuts, and seeds can all be great plant-based ways to boost protein.”

As far as leucine in plant versus animal products is concerned, Layman previously gave this example: “In whey protein, leucine is about 12%, so 23 grams of whey protein isolate will trigger it. Whereas in soy protein isolate, it’s about 7.8%, so now you need 33 or 34 grams.” This means that plant-based eaters may need to eat more total protein (and more total calories) to reach that all-important leucine threshold for muscle growth.



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Three Tips To Help You Build Muscle Mass – Native News Online


Building muscle is hard. We won’t dress it up. You aren’t going to be seeing massive gains overnight. This is a journey that will take months, sometimes years. however, if you keep at it, you will get there. 

Trust us. 

We don’t know what condition you are in right now, but we can promise you that there have been countless people before you who have been in exactly the same position (and perhaps worse) who have seen whopping great gains. There is no reason why you can’t.

To make it easier for you, we want to share with you the three secrets to building muscle. Well, they aren’t secrets as such……..


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Whether your goal is to compete on the bodybuilding stage, look your best at the beach, or impress your significant other on date night, building muscle is an absolute must. That’s why we’ve put together the ultimate guide for how to build muscle so you can keep these trainer-approved tips close.

Muscle mass is a major factor in physical appearance. It’s not just about big, bulky muscles, either. Even lean, toned people who have a shredded look or appear generally fit will have more muscle mass than the average person. This applies to young lifters or older individuals who are strength training to build up their muscle mass.